My notices about ATA performance

Andrey Smagin samspeedu at
Mon Feb 7 23:21:33 PST 2005

Ok. I tried to increase speed of IO operations by setting Promise ATA100
controller, both IDE drives worked in ATA100 mode but speed also was
fully CPU depend and 2.7-3MB/s. Also copying in network or /dev/null made
same speed. HDD was connected in different channels of controller. Using
6.0 current not give me more performance. My kernel configuration is GENERIC
with some USB devices (ucom,umodem...), without IPv6 and some unused NIC
drivers. Also i seen DMA-READ errors with 5.x and 6.x with HDD, but with old
4.x it never took place.

Best regards,
 Andrey                            mailto:samspeedu at

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