Joining The Performance List - I/O Testing

Nick Pavlica linicks at
Wed Feb 2 21:39:11 PST 2005

  I decided to join this list so that I could do a better job of
staying on top of the  I/O performance testing.  I have moved my 5.3
test server from RELENG_5_3 to RELENG_5 (2/2/05) and did some testing.
 I had almost identical results to my previous testing.  Iostat
indicates that I'm getting approximately 15Mb/sec on 5.x, and 58Mb/sec
when I use 4.11.  These figure are consistent on my current test
  1) Dell SC400, 256Mb Ram, 40Gb EIDE.
  2) Dell 4600, 512Mb Ram, 80GB EIDE.
I also tested with NetBSD 2.0 and OpenBSD 3.6 and had similar
performance to FreeBSD 4.11 (approx. 58Mb/Sec.)

--Nick Pavlica  

Note: EXT3 allows file sizes greater than 2Gb.  I have created
hundreds, if not thousands of them.

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