FreeBSD 5.3 I/O Performance / Linux 2.6.10 | Continued Discussion

Mike Tancsa mike at
Tue Feb 1 08:41:33 PST 2005

I posted up an excel workbook at

This has the results of iozone on RELENG_5, HEAD, HEAD with 
debug.mpsafevfs=1 and LINUX 2.6.10 on ext3 as well as some quick NFS tests 
against RELENG_5 and LINUX as servers with FreeBSD RELENG-5 clients.

Once again, the hardware is the same. The boot OS drives have changed, but 
the tests were all done against one large RAID5 partition.

HTT disabled in the BIOS, using SCHED_4BSD on a 3ware 8xxx controller in 
RAID5 with 4 drives. dmesg attached.

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