Device polling heavy traffic

Mihai Tanasescu mihai at
Mon Dec 26 23:56:08 PST 2005


Sorry for omitting the esential details about my system.

You can find my dmesg at:

I'm running:
FreeBSD 6.0-RELEASE-p1

Here is my kernel configuration:

I wasn't there when the panic happened, I just noticed the load average 
was increasing (with polling disabled); and it kept increasing until the 
machine become unresponsive. After 1-2 minutes I observed it had 
rebooted itself.

Now  I have polling enabled on it, I have kernel.idle.poll set and a 
latency of 1-5 ms inside the local network.
But on the 3 links I have spoken of, altough they are not full I have 
between 1-5 ms and 20-30 ms (when the number of packets passive through 
the machine increases).

Mike Jakubik wrote:

> Mihai Tanasescu wrote:
>> The problem:
>> If I ping this machine or anything that is routed through it I get 
>> response times of 10-15-30 ms and once in 30 seconds a packet is lost.
>> If I disable kernel.polling.enable then I get response times of 1-2-3 
>> ms but I also get a lot of interrupts and a kernel panic after about 
>> 20 min.
> You should not be getting a panic, unless you have bad hardware. Can 
> you provide more details of the panic? Also, provide the version of 
> freebsd, any custom kernel configuration, and attach output of dmesg.

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