mysql benchmarks

David Xu davidxu at
Tue Dec 13 05:48:23 PST 2005

Peter Pentchev wrote:

>>So, if both systems use gettimeofday, then slow may be somewhere else.
>Errrr...  I think David might have meant that the original poster should
>simply set kern.timecounter.hardware to 'TSC', not i8254 or something
>else.  This would not change whether MySQL uses gettimefday() or not,
>it would simply change the in-kernel method of obtaining the actual
>time of day - at least that's how I understand it :)
Err, I just wanted to know the best performance current FreeBSD can
achieve. The timer problem had already been discussed several times
in the list, I don't want to repeat it here.

David Xu

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