very busy syslog server

Jin Guojun [VFFS] j_guojun at
Mon Dec 12 11:15:41 PST 2005

Mathieu Arnold wrote:

>+-le 10/12/2005 14:58 -0800, Jin Guojun [VFFS] écrivait :
>| What is "netstat -m" output on your machine?
>130 mbufs in use
>128/8640 mbuf clusters in use (current/max)
>0/24/2416 sfbufs in use (current/peak/max)
>288 KBytes allocated to network
>0 requests for sfbufs denied
>0 requests for sfbufs delayed
>6 requests for I/O initiated by sendfile
>15692052 calls to protocol drain routines
Is this the status when you see a number of droops?
If so, things get wierd  somehow, and I hope you can provide
some details on how two machines set up (hardware, FreeBSD OS,
who sends syslog to who, and what is the frequency), so I may set
similar environment at my site to see if I can reproduce such lost.


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