xl driver bug

OxY oxy at field.hu
Tue Dec 6 12:45:49 PST 2005


i have some trouble with xl driver (3Com 905c-TX)  in 6.0-release..
after i upgraded my 5.4 to 6.0 i realized that the incoming traffic
has been dropped to 1M/s..however outgoing is still ok (7-9M/s)..

i tried different protocols, with the same result..
switched off every tcp tuning in sysctl.conf, then rebooted, still the 

i saw that the xl interrupt jumps to 2500-5000 (systat -vmstat 1 ) while i 
downloading with 800-1000K/s (maximum..), but when i upload the interrupt is
around 800 with 8M/s speed..

please gime me some advice, patch, anything :)
thanks a lot!

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