Constraining CPU usage

Arne Woerner arne_woerner at
Fri Dec 2 08:44:29 PST 2005

--- Nash Nipples <trashy_bumper at> wrote:
> It seems i cannot get a clear answer wherther it
> is possible to limit a CPU usage by a user process
> and should i do that at all.
Why should somebody want to keep CPU usage of a process below a
certain value (e. g. 20%)?

> As you can see in the figure above, renicing wont work. 
Why? Obviously there is no or nearly no other process, that wants
to run, so your "tar" process runs as fast as possible in order to
finish as soon as possible...

Reniceing to a positive nice-value means that this process gets
the processor less often than other processes, who want to run...

> Any hints? What to read? Thank you.
You could try idprio(1) against your tar process. That makes sure,
that your tar process waits, when other processes (non idprio
processes) want to run...


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