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Arne Wörner arne_woerner at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 22 14:43:15 GMT 2004

> Can't remember if I posted this to the list, but I ftp'ed /dev/zero
> from another box on another subnet two switches away at 93Mbps
> sustained (for three minutes). The cable, network card, network
> driver, and network I/O is fine. I'm positive I'm hitting the
> limitations of Apache or thttpd - but I don't know why.
> Any trace'ing tips, perhaps?
Hmm. You could try to run thttpd without the sendfile-syscall (which is
suspicious to me, because I did not know it before):
> cd /usr/ports/www/thttpd
> make configure
> vi work/thttpd-2.25b/config.h
    [remove the line, that contains USE_SENDFILE]
> make
> nm work/thttpd-2.25b/thttpd.o | grep sendfile | wc -l
    [the result should be "0"]

Since thttpd tries to throttle for some reason (I thought the OS would slow
down some send requests by inserting packets of other send requests; or isn't
there time sharing in the ethernet drivers?), it might be interesting
(a) to increase the values for max_bytes in lines 1740, or
(b) to use just one single HTTP connection during the test phase (in that case
throttling should be disabled)...


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