Disk buffer / memory utilization

Eric Anderson anderson at centtech.com
Mon Nov 1 06:35:59 PST 2004

R. Payette wrote:
>> I'm not sure you'll really get rid of the 14M Buffers, but you might 
>> be able to reduce them - what does:
>> sysctl kern.maxusers
>> report?
>> Is this box solely for compiling?  Or is it an NFS server, or web 
>> server, etc?
> used to be 32, after reading tuning, I reduced it to 16. No, if not 
> mainly for compiling, I build world, kernel and ports on it. It's main 
> usage is a nat router for our dsl connexion, and a webserver with mysql 
> for a small web site ( 10 visit / day maximum ).

Ok, well, running mysql is going to gobble up some memory, so beware of 
that.  For that little amount of visits per day, I think I'd check into 
another db system, something that is less memory hungry (Berkely DB?).

>> From what I see, there is probably still some stuff that can be 
>> removed.  Do you need eisa support?  NFS?  MSDOSFS?  IPV6?
> I just removed eisa, msdosfs and ipv6 but I need nfs. After recompile 
> and reboot, I gained a little bit and here is the ps -auxw
> http://massonerie.kicks-ass.org/psauxw
> also, the 12th line of dmesg says :
> http://massonerie.kicks-ass.org/dmesg

Your site was not coming up for me, so I can't tell.

> ACPI disabled by blacklist.  Contact your BIOS vendor.
> but kldstat says acpi.ko is loaded. Is it safe to disable it ?

yes, you can turn off ACPI (in /boot/loader.conf) safely.


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