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Michael Vince michael at
Sun May 30 06:39:20 PDT 2004

Vasenin Alexander aka BlackSir wrote:
> I'm watched nearly same thing yesterday and found, that all cheap solutions is the so-called HostRAID, that are software or
> semi-software implementations of RAID. So, their "RAID" ability supported only by M$ Window$. Under FreeBSD they work as normal
> IDE/SCSI/SATA controllers. I've tested yesterday one of them - Adaptec on AIC 7899 chip. Take a look at hardware notes on 4.10, for
> example "Promise Fasttrak-33, -66, -100, -100 TX2/TX4, -133 TX2/TX2000" - noone except Promise calls it RAID...
> 	Vasenin Alexander aka BlackSir

Yep thats what I have largely thought until I started to come across 
things like this.
Using the atacontrol he cliams its "sort of hot swappable"
I dont know if you can call it hardware raid but it certainly sounds 
hardware raidish enought for me to be happy with it...

"atacontrol is a tool that has been kicking around in FreeBSD for a 
while, but I hadn't tried it because it seemed to be directed at 
managing other hardware ATA RAID setups. However, it ends up that this 
works like a charm (just about) with the built in goods."

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>>Looking around on the net and FreeBSD archives it looks like if you want
>>cheap ATA Raid now go with either a Intel motherboard with ICH5 or
>>Promise SATA TX2/TX4
>>The performance of the Intel ICH5 looks very good with low CPU
>>utilization (well from what benchmarks in running from MS windows suggest)
>>I haven't found any clear documentation on what can and cant be used.

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