FTP fileserver???

Chuck Swiger cswiger at mac.com
Tue Mar 23 17:31:37 PST 2004

wally morton wrote:
> What is the best way to set up FreeBSD to implement this?

Your requirements aren't demanding of anything special except lots of network 
bandwidth.  Serving static content via FTP or HTTP is lightweight.

> Just how much hardware do I need?

A single-proc P3 system with RAID-10, -1, -5 disk config and a good power 
supply (redundant if you want to be fancy) should be plenty.

> I will connect it to a T1 or better.

You're probably going to need to; you mentioned "a daily traffic of 70-200GB", 
but a full T1 will only give you about 16GB/day (if my math is right).  A 
10/Mbs ethernet connection or a fractional T3, depending on what's available, 
is a better fit...

> I was thinking this was going to be dual-processor system with a lot of 
> RAM and to keep as much of the dataset in RAM as possible. Other 
> ideas??  Is dual CPU a waste of time?  Kernel and config changes???

Lots of RAM is a good idea to conserve disk I/O; dual-procs are a waste of 
money for such a low number of hits per day-- spend the bucks on getting good 
disks & RAID [preferably SCSI] instead.

"man tuning" has some information but you may not need to do anything special 
to achieve reasonable performance for your application with a stock, untuned 
system.  Have fun!  :-)


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