A good BSD Text Book?

Andrew Boothman andrew at cream.org
Sun Jan 25 11:44:29 PST 2004

Jason Stone wrote:

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>>Can anyone recommend a/some really good BSD (4.8) books/manuals, for not
>>only a BSD beginner, but for someone that will really get into detail in
>>a short time?
> _Design and Implementation of the 4.4BSD Operating System_ by McKusick _et
> al_ is wonderful.  It starts out at a level that's easy enough, even if
> you have almost no experience working with a unix kernel, but it goes very
> deep into the kernel internals until you really havea very good
> understanding of the system.
> It's somewhat old, but it's still totally relevent, so don't be put off
> just by the age.

Design and Implementation is great, I've got that too, but only if 
you're interested in the system's internals - I didn't get that 
impression from the OP's message.

Also - I think it's *mostly* relevent not, "totally", relevent. Things 
have changed in FreeBSD since those days I think, but the foundations 
are still the same and it's all useful information reguardless.


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