mbuf tuning

CHOI Junho cjh at kr.FreeBSD.org
Sun Jan 18 22:36:17 PST 2004


What is general guidelines of mbuf cluster tunables? I usually use


in /boot/loader.conf.local. But it has limits on concurrent TCP
sessions, under my /etc/sysctl.conf configuration:


With above parameters, about 1000 connection was the maximum. Of course
if I set 1/2 value for tcp buffer(32768), maximum connection is
doubled. But I want more.

Increasing kern.ipc.nmbclusters caused frequent kernel panic
under 4.7/4.8/4.9. How can I set more nmbclusters value with 64K tcp
buffers? Or is any dependency for mbufclusters value? (e.g. RAM size,
kern.maxusers value or etc)

p.s. RAM is 2G, Xeon 2.0G x 1 or 2 machines.

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