Old SUN NFS performance papers.

Ted Cabeen ted at impulse.net
Mon Jan 19 12:58:15 PST 2004

Eric Anderson <anderson at centtech.com> writes:

> Steve Francis wrote:
>> Eric Anderson wrote:
>>> I wasn't even sure where to start or stop snipping on this mail,
>>> since it is all good stuff - so I didn't. :)  Thanks for the great
>>> info, and good explanations..  NFS+TCP is very nice, but I do
>>> believe the UDP transport was faster on a handful of tests (however
>>> I typically force use of TCP when I can)..
>>> One question - what does net.inet.ip.check_interface=0  do?
>> makes FreeBSD not care if the interface a response comes in on is
>> the same as the one a request did. Helps only if network topology is
>> funky.
> That's handy for a network like I have.  What would also be handy, is
> a sysctl like that for the client side - that tells FreeBSD to ignore
> the fact that a response is coming from a different IP than what it
> sent the request to.  Yes, I know this is a security issue, and yes I
> understand the ramifications.  Nevertheless, I need it - unless there
> is a way to tell redhat and solaris to always answer on the same
> interface the request came in on..

You can do that with policy routing on Linux.  See the ip command.

I don't know about Solaris.

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