Old SUN NFS performance papers.

Eric Anderson anderson at centtech.com
Mon Jan 19 06:19:16 PST 2004

Willem Jan Withagen wrote:

>I had no responses to my recent question on the difference between NFS over UDP
>and TCP. So perhaps nobody cares??
>So I tried searching but have not found much yet.
>Does anybody know where to find the white papers SUN once wrote about tuning
>NFS??? They should be at sun, but where??
>All other suggestions to read are welcomed as well.
>Given my last posting I'm building two machines to do some NFS benchmark testing
>Suggestions on what people "always wanted to know (tm)" are also welcom, and
>I'll see if I can get them integrated.
>I've found the benchmarks in /usr/ports, some might do so nice work as well.
>If people are interested I'll keep them posted in performance@

I'm definitely interested in what you find.  I run a few heavily used 
FreeBSD NFS servers, and therefore always looking for tweaks and nobs to 
turn to make things better.  In my experience, UDP has always been 
faster than TCP on NFS performance.   Prior to 5.2, I have also seen 
mbuf related issues (all pretty much solvable with the right sysctl's). 

Let me know if I can help.


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