spreading partitions over multiple drivers

Erich Dollansky oceanare at pacific.net.sg
Tue Aug 31 10:19:19 PDT 2004


Geert Hendrickx wrote:
> Hi tuners, 
> apart from using RAID, what would be the best way to spread load over
> multiple drives?  
It depends very much on the use of the machine.

> I was thinking about a partition layout like this: 
> disk1:	/, swap, /var, /usr, /usr/src, /usr/ports
> disk2:  /tmp, swap, /home, /var/www, /usr/obj (+ ports-workdirs)
You must spread the directories with a high usage evenly over the drives.

> And would it make sense (if the disks are large enough) to split /usr
> into seperate /usr, /usr/local, /usr/X11R6, etc partitions to reduce
> fragmentation?  
Fragmentation is not a problem for FreeBSD.


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