optimization of the system by recompilation

Patrick Proniewski patpro at patpro.net
Wed Apr 14 02:21:44 PDT 2004

On 13 avr. 2004, at 21:01, freebsd-performance-request at freebsd.org 

> So, as You can see, there is not a simple answer to Your question in 
> the common case.
> If You interested in high performance in some specific task - You must 
> test the task
> on different hardware platforms with different optimizations (or 
> without ones ;-)

Ok, thank you very much for the comprehensive reply !
OpenSSL results in particular are very interesting. I've noticed that 
idea cbc bench will just not run on a non-Athlon optimized binary (on 
Athlon of course). Do you have any explanations ?


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