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Sun Oct 26 03:14:28 PST 2003

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> Several people have asked me to re-run my benchmarks after the kernels
> have been properly tuned.
> To ensure a fair test, I will ask each kernel team to send me a list of
> things to do to a GENERIC kernel to optimize it for optimal performance
> on my benchmarks.

Well, this might be kind of obvious, but "man tuning"

Also, since freebsd-4 is still the official -stable release, you should
definitely benchmark 4.8 or 4-stable (cvs tag RELENG_4).

Also, since -current is such a moving target (on all the bsd's), you
should publish the exact date at which you cvsup'ed along with your
results.  Just saying 5-current isn't very descriptive, as major major
changes can take place on that branch from one day to the next.


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