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Thu May 22 09:17:13 PDT 2003

On Thu, 22 May 2003, patpro wrote:

> Hello,
> I use MySQL on several machines running freeBSD, and I was quite
> surprised to read this :
> 	(and
> here is the summary of the article :
> 	MySQL now runs very well on FreeBSD. I'm no longer steering people
> 	toward Linux. There are two important things you should do to make
> 	the FreeBSD/MySQL combo work well: (1) build MySQL with LinuxThreads
> 	rather than FreeBSD's native threads, and (2) use MySQL 4.x or newer.
> 	For more details, keep reading.
> Is this guy more or less wrong in his explanations about threads ? (I
> was said so)
> As I know nothing about threads, but I noticed a similar behavior on
> MacOSX, and MySQL performances are as bad on FreeBSD as on MacOSX,
> compared to linux.

	If you read further down you find that realpath(3) was one of the
treading problems when using native threads.  A thread-safe version is on
-CURRENT and looks to be scheduled for an MFC real soon.

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