threads and performances

patpro patpro at
Thu May 22 04:24:52 PDT 2003


I use MySQL on several machines running freeBSD, and I was quite 
surprised to read this :

here is the summary of the article :

	MySQL now runs very well on FreeBSD. I'm no longer steering people
	toward Linux. There are two important things you should do to make
	the FreeBSD/MySQL combo work well: (1) build MySQL with LinuxThreads
	rather than FreeBSD's native threads, and (2) use MySQL 4.x or newer.
	For more details, keep reading.

Is this guy more or less wrong in his explanations about threads ? (I 
was said so)
As I know nothing about threads, but I noticed a similar behavior on 
MacOSX, and MySQL performances are as bad on FreeBSD as on MacOSX, 
compared to linux.

any explanation/confirmation/correction greatly appreciated.


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