Pawel Jakub Dawidek nick at garage.freebsd.pl
Thu May 15 05:26:55 PDT 2003

Hello hackers...

IMHO optimization in FreeBSD's code has too low priority.
Maybe is time to think about some 'optimiztion team' creation?

It will be a group of hackers that are skilled in using gcc(1) optimiztion
flags, when those flags can cause problems and how to slove them (we got
-O for years) - optimization flags should be increased just like WARNS
value is. They should have experience in old-school optimization (there are
many places where '* (2^n)' could be changed to '<< n' and many places where
compilator don't know how to or is just unable to optimize, etc.).
They could made regular code profiling and present results somewhere
(and of course help authors to get better performance in critical places).

Bla, bla, bla...

Just let's speed-up FreeBSD!.
Any opinions/ideas?

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