NAT performance tweaks

Eric Anderson anderson at
Wed May 7 10:41:02 PDT 2003

Clement Laforet wrote:
>>Would certainly be nice to make it as a sysctl. It's a pain in the ass
>>to edit it manually everytime I cvsup. :/
> Using a sysctl variable is a BAD idea for NAT table. If this variable is
> if it can be) modified, all the NAT table must be reinitialized, because
> of hash key. You should have a table size which minimizes hash
> collisions, and then avoids loops and/or hypothetical race conditions.

Well, why not make it a /boot/loader.conf settable sysctl, so while the 
system is running, it is "read only", and only settable on boot.

Is there a flaw in that thinking?


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