apache2 tuning

Sean Chittenden sean at chittenden.org
Mon May 5 11:37:43 PDT 2003

> I want to build a new webserver (dual xeon with 4 GB RAM).  The
> server provides mostly dynamic php-pages. In the ports Makefile
> there are compile option like WITH_THREADS and WITH_MPM (which
> includes WITH_THREADS). These are useful options for a production
> machine? Also, is it useful to compile the kernel with
> ACCEPT_FILTER_DATA and ACCEPT_FILTER_HTTP? And if yes, is apache
> compiled with accept filter by default?

Having the accept filters turned on in the kernel is a huge win for
Apache.  See the tuning(7) man page for other details of interest.  As
for which MPM, last I heard UNIX folk were better off using the
pre-fork MPM and not the threaded MPM.  This may have changed, but I'd
bet dime to dollar you'll get better stability out of the pre-fork but
a smaller memory footprint out of the threaded MPM.  -sc

Sean Chittenden

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