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Doveclaw doveclaw at
Thu May 1 18:00:58 PDT 2003

	I'm not really sure why the idea of having so much swap is taken to be
so absurd or even expensive. I would think, if you could afford 2-4gb of
ram you could afford buying a few extra gigs or an extra hd for swap.
I'm not saying I would do this myself, it just seems like theres been a
whole lot of strange reactions to the practice. 4GB of some kind of DDR
SDRAM costs somewhere around a grand.. 8GB of hard drive space is
nothing in comparison. 

On Fri, 2003-05-02 at 00:30, User DERO wrote:
> Ok, a whole lot of talk about swapping and all, but any of you who
> seen a new computer magazine knows that even common desktop PCs are
> capable of a couple GB of RAM. SO, if I am building a high powered
> desktop, or a medium sized server. With between 2-4GB of RAM, should I
> partitioning my precious server space with a 4-10GB partition of SWAP?
> Since it is a large load LAN server, with about 2GB of RAM, should I
> a good 5GB SWAP partition.
> And another question, since buying a couple gigs of RAM upfront isn't
> option, but adding on later is, can FreeBSD handle a multiple GB
> prost,
> agent dero
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