Tuning Gigabit

Petri Helenius pete at he.iki.fi
Sun Jun 29 15:55:00 PDT 2003

Related to this subject, it would help if one of the tools, or dmesg
would give PCI clock, width and possible waitstates configured
for the slot. I couldn´t figure out how to make pciconf or similar
to display them...


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> >>>>> "Gregory" == Gregory Sutter <gsutter at zer0.org> writes:
> Gregory> Will you please summarize the motherboard performance data so
> Gregory> we know which boards to buy and which to skip?  Thanks.
> I've been working on such a summary.  So far, the 'nvidia' chipset
> boards have all tested badly.  They couldn't be coaxed to pass more
> than 100meg of traffic by any means we could discern.
> The K7S5A has been our mainstay.  Many of them are DOA, but the ones
> that pass a couple weeks of cpuburn (see port) ... both on cpu and
> memory tests ... work amazingly well.  These boards are limited to 300
> megabit total thruput by being a 33Mhz 32bit PCI bus.
> We've been testing mainly Athlon boards ... we havn't seen good P4
> boards ... but most of the boards we've had through for the P4 have
> been workstation and not server boards.
> The tiger tyan MPX is a dual board with 64 bit slots.  I havn't had
> time to fully benchmark it becuase we use it as a fairly primary
> database server ... but it has generally been able to perform at or
> near the top of the class.
> There is an ASUS dusl board with 32-bit only slots and the AMD 76x
> chipset (unfortunately it's far away and I can't look at it).  it's
> 32-bit slots run at 66Mhz and have extrodinarily good thruput.
> AFAICT, it's currently out of production ... but the dual board on the
> ASUS site looks very good.
> Dave.
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