Tuning Gigabit

David Gilbert dgilbert at velocet.ca
Sun Jun 29 08:55:07 PDT 2003

>>>>> "Craig" == Craig Reyenga <craig at craig.afraid.org> writes:

Craig> From: "David Gilbert" <dgilbert at velocet.ca>
>> >>>>> "Gregory" == Gregory Sutter <gsutter at zer0.org> writes:
Gregory> Will you please summarize the motherboard performance data so
Gregory> we know which boards to buy and which to skip?  Thanks.
>>  I've been working on such a summary.  So far, the 'nvidia' chipset
>> boards have all tested badly.  They couldn't be coaxed to pass more
>> than 100meg of traffic by any means we could discern.

Craig> It's kind of funny that my FIC VA-503+ from 1997 washes the
Craig> Nvidia aside.

Memories.  The FIC-503+ was a real trooper.

Craig> What tools in FreeBSD could you use to see that the PCI bus is
Craig> the limiting factor? Or is it simply done with a calculator?

In hindsight, I forgot to mention that my 300 megabit figure is based
on bidirectional routing tests :).

Our theory that the PCI bus is at fault is largely due to the number
of tests we've run ... where the OS is identical and we vary the
hardware.  We also use the calculator to think about bus maximums.


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