Tuning Gigabit

David Gilbert dgilbert at velocet.ca
Sat Jun 28 19:06:09 PDT 2003

>>>>> "Gregory" == Gregory Sutter <gsutter at zer0.org> writes:

Gregory> Will you please summarize the motherboard performance data so
Gregory> we know which boards to buy and which to skip?  Thanks.

I've been working on such a summary.  So far, the 'nvidia' chipset
boards have all tested badly.  They couldn't be coaxed to pass more
than 100meg of traffic by any means we could discern.

The K7S5A has been our mainstay.  Many of them are DOA, but the ones
that pass a couple weeks of cpuburn (see port) ... both on cpu and
memory tests ... work amazingly well.  These boards are limited to 300
megabit total thruput by being a 33Mhz 32bit PCI bus.

We've been testing mainly Athlon boards ... we havn't seen good P4
boards ... but most of the boards we've had through for the P4 have
been workstation and not server boards.

The tiger tyan MPX is a dual board with 64 bit slots.  I havn't had
time to fully benchmark it becuase we use it as a fairly primary
database server ... but it has generally been able to perform at or
near the top of the class.

There is an ASUS dusl board with 32-bit only slots and the AMD 76x
chipset (unfortunately it's far away and I can't look at it).  it's
32-bit slots run at 66Mhz and have extrodinarily good thruput.
AFAICT, it's currently out of production ... but the dual board on the
ASUS site looks very good.


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