Tuning Ggiabit

Simon L. Nielsen simon at nitro.dk
Sat Jun 28 04:43:48 PDT 2003

On 2003.06.28 03:35:43 -0700, Craig Reyenga wrote:
> (This message may show up three times, I apologise if so.)
> Hi,
> I've been trying to get my gigabit link to run as fast as possible, but I
> have run out of ideas. I've documented (though not very well) what I have
> done thus far:
> http://craig.afraid.org/a/b?page=computer/gigabit
> If there is any more I can do besides what I have already done, I would love
> to hear it. Please avoid suggestions that require spending money.
> Thanks in advance,

When using the em driver under FreeBSD, it can be useful to try to
addjust some tuneables in sys/dev/em/if_em.h.  Specifically EM_RDTR and

With the hardware in the FreeBSD box I don't think you should expect it
to go that fast, since the bus/CPU will be the bottleneck.

I would suggest looking at vmstat and similar tools. It can be very
useful to find what the bottleneck really is.

Simon L. Nielsen
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