ten thousand small processes

Jon Mini mini at freebsd.org
Thu Jun 26 20:51:33 PDT 2003

D. J. Bernstein [djb at cr.yp.to] wrote :

> I want separate processes for the memory protection. Each process is
> chrooted under its own uid, so it can't write to disk except through
> supplied file descriptors, and it can't hit other processes. (If I had a
> portable way to cut off other communication channels, such as creating
> new sockets, I'd do that too.)

Have you looked into our jail(8) mechanism?

Considiner your resource conumtion needs, it is also too heavy-weight.

> protection; I realize that it's hard to do better than that. But I'm not
> willing to casually piss away large fractions of a gigabyte of RAM. Not
> this decade, anyway.

Unfortunately, FreeBSD is the wrong operating system for you.

> I'm willing to sacrifice one page per process for the sake of memory
> The lack of memory protection is exactly why I can't use threads. It's
> also why I'm not surprised to hear that processes are _slightly_ less
> efficient than threads. But something is seriously wrong if processes
> are _much_ less efficient than threads.

There are many other contributing factors that have been mentioned,
but you are choosing to ignore.  I'm afraid I can't comunicate with
you effectively if you are going to ignore the facts.

My sincerest apologies,
Jonathan Mini <mini at freebsd.org>

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