freebsd-performance Digest, Vol 4, Issue 9

s_porotnikov at s_porotnikov at
Thu Jun 19 19:45:35 PDT 2003

> Interestingly enough, I found FreeBSD 4.8 to be faster at local disk
> writes than FreeBSD 5.1.  About 50% faster.
On my system results of tests with FreeBSD 4.8 and FreeBSD
5.1 about same. Of course I used UFS2 filesystem on FreeBSD 5.1.

> RAID0 is not really RAID since it does not provide any redundancy.
I am understand. But I executed performance test. So redundancy may be
achieved (in many cases) through elementary backup in simple case or
VINUM mirror in other cases. I tested RAID 1+0 - results are identical.
I not tested RAID-5 because now hard disks have low cost and using RAID-5
(on practice but not in theory) is unjustified. In many cases for low end
solution, used hardware RAID-5 without expensive RAID controllers, having
battery cache memory, bring to data loss.

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 Sergey G. Porotnikov                    mailto:s_porotnikov at

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