Slow disk write speeds over network

Pedram Nimreezi Support at Netflag.Net
Tue Jun 10 15:27:38 PDT 2003

I'd venture to say NFS generally sucks
At 03:23 PM 6/10/2003 -0700, Jason Stone wrote:
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> > You haven't said if you were using UDP or TCP for the mounts; you
> > should definitely use TCP with FreeBSD NFS servers; it's also just
> > generally a good idea, since UDP frags act as a fixed non-sliding
> > window: NFS over UDP sucks.
>Huh.  I thought that the conventional wisdom was that on a local network
>with no packet loss (and therefore no re-transmission penalties), udp was
>way faster because the overhead was so much less.
>Sorry if this seems like a pretty basic question, but can you explain
>  -Jason
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