Slow disk write speeds over network

Eric Anderson anderson at
Mon Jun 9 14:24:02 PDT 2003

Paulo Roberto wrote:
> --- Eric Anderson <anderson at> wrote:
>>No, considering I would have to update about 600 hosts.  Plus, those 
>>same hosts are running just fine with my other file servers at the
> Eric,
> If your server's network buffers are ok, I would guess that the
> "bottleneck" is on your clients machines.
> just my 2 cents...

Paulo, thanks for the thoughts, however, that doesn't make a whole lot 
of sense (although I see why you are saying that), because in this case 
I have several fileservers on the same gigabit switches as this 
fileserver, and clients can transfer data quickly between all, in both 
directions, all the time, except data being sent TO this one host.  I've 
even tried machines that are idle, on the same switch as this server, 
and I still receive slow transfers.


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