Slow disk write speeds over network

Eric Anderson anderson at
Mon Jun 9 12:49:37 PDT 2003

Sean Chittenden wrote:
>>Ok, I have a file server (NFS) running FreeBSD 4.8-RC1, which is having 
>>incredibly slow disk write speeds.  Locally, doing something like:
>>dd if=/dev/zero of=/partition/testfile
>>Shows 14MB/s - which is what I expect..
> Check your cabling... you may have a bad pair in your cable on your
> send wires, or at least a crummy pair with high resistance.  See if
> netstat -i has any errors listed.  A change in performance that
> dramatic and only in one direction is disturbing and doesn't sound
> like a kernel or software issue, though I could be quite wrong.

Well, I don't believe that it is a problem - I have 4 gigabit network 
cards in the machine (connected to 4 different networks), and all act 
this same way - all use different types of cables too.  I've also tried 
several different client machines.


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