copy 150G over 100Mbit

Damir Horvat damir at
Mon Jun 2 07:23:21 PDT 2003


I need to copy ~150Gbytes over switched 100Mbit network to new machine (in max 
7-8 hours).

Source machine (IDE RAID 5) is in production, iostat shows average transfer of 
8-9Mbytes/sec. Destination box is FBC RAID 10.

I've tryed rsync and cp over NFS. Both came down roughly to 2Gig's per hour, 
which is unacceptable. The only option left (as I see it) is to try with 
cross-over cable.

I don't care for security as all transfers are in private network. 

Any ideas, how to approach this problem?

Damir Horvat

System Administrator
Voljatel Telekomunikacije d.d.
Smartinska 106
1000 Ljubljana

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