network performance testing

XR xr at
Mon Jul 21 07:37:49 PDT 2003

I'm considering purchasing  hosting from a provider that says I will have
a dedicated 10 Mbit connection with burst to 20 Mbit on a FreeBSD box I
rebuilt to suit my needs.. The network is Multihomed with three other
providers. However, I'm a skeptic. I went  ahead and purchased for 1 month
and now want to see if I am actually getting 10 Mbit uplink to the server.
 I'm looking at iperf to do this, but I also know taking ping/traceroute
results from remote host to the server can calculate this, but I dont know
the math. Would anyone using iperf  guide me towards an example, or show
me the math using ping/traceroute? Or, suggest running any other test?



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