Finding RTT's and RTO's

Ryan Sommers ryans at
Sat Dec 27 15:00:26 PST 2003

On Sat, 2003-12-27 at 16:50, Tanmay Ganacharya wrote:
> Hello,
> I am currently using FreeBSD 4.8. I am want to record RTT and RTO values of 
> a tcp connection.
> Could anyone please tell me which variables in which files hold the current 
> RTT and RTO values.
> Once known I can put printfs and print these values.
> Thanks in advance,
> Regards,
> Tanmay Ganacharya

First off, didn't you post this a few days ago already? Or maybe you
posted it to hackers at . Either way, people pointed you to net at . Why would
you even cross post this to multimedia@ or performance@?

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