Some additional tests run on my performance testing

Alexander Marx mad-ml at
Thu Aug 28 01:58:52 PDT 2003

Bill Moran wrote:
>     Hell, can someone try out the tests on some
>     other brand of ATA/HDD, to make sure FreeBSD doesn't just
>     have some grief with this particular piece of hardware?

hm .. just ran your benchmark on my personal webserver box
(fbsd 4.8, t-bird 1000; 512MB ram, two WD800JB w/ 8MB cache
in a vinum raid1 config, softupdates enabled; pgsql 7.3.2,
fsync=true, shared buffers=512, max_connections=250 everything
else default)

: real    7m17.967s
: user    0m0.017s
: sys     0m0.000s

looking at systat output during the benchmark .. it shows
quite some heavy disk-io (peaks w/ 660tps and transfers in excess
of 40MB/s)  .. so if your box is falling back to PIO this would
definately be a reason for the lousy results.


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