SWAP size

Benjamin Krueger benjamin at seattlefenix.net
Wed Apr 30 16:21:44 PDT 2003

* Jin Guojun [DSD] (j_guojun at lbl.gov) [030430 15:54]:
> Summary:
> If you have a lot of memory and you are able to control all processes
> not to overrun the system memory, 0.5 - 1x swap is OK;  you need some
> swap space to back up yourself in case something happens.
> That is why 2x is recommended; but not required if this is not a server.
> For server, 2x may be required, and typically 2.5x is needed.

In what instance can you expect to have server processes that are ok to
page to disk? Maybe I'm wrong, but I've always considered a server that
is paging my important processes to disk a broken server in need of ram.

Benjamin Krueger

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