agent dero dero at bluhayz.homeunix.org
Wed Apr 30 05:44:02 PDT 2003

I was reading the FBSD 5.0 release notes, and how the new version has
better support for multiple processors. I haven't been able to find any a
4.x-STABLE SMP support docs. Does this mean that 4.7, my current release,
doesn't support the multiple processors well. I am rebuilding my small
business' server, and trying to decide if a dual processor will be the
better way to go, but not sure if the advantages are going to be huge with
the. I read the previous message about WITH_THREADS as a ports option, but
the ports maximizing the dual CPUs isn't my greatest, I need the kernel
itself to maximize the CPUs. Is this possible under any of the stable
releases, before 5.0 ??


agent dero

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