SWAP size

Piotr Rybicki ryba at kompakt.pl
Mon Apr 28 01:54:58 PDT 2003

Hi everyone.

In man tuning(7) we read, that swap size should be about 2x main memmory size.
Why swap size should be so big? Isn't swap size equal to main memmory size 

Ok, if we have a very large amount (and total size) of processes, then larger 
swap could be desired. But i'm afraid we would end-up having swap-machine not 
a server.

Also swap size has no impact on system tables sizes. Assuming we have MAXUSERS 
set to 0 (auto-scale), the value is calculated only by ammount of physical 
memmory size (and of course page size, but i assume it's constant).

Shouldn't the section in man tuning(7) about swap size be changed, or am i 
missing something?

Piotr Rybicki

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