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Wed Apr 23 20:02:21 PDT 2003

Alex Semenyaka <alexs at> writes:
> Brief description what was done: I've chanched the arithmitics in the /bin/sh
> from 32 bits to 64 bits. There are some doubts that it conforms to the
> standards: it does, I have send a quotations to -standards, there were no
> objections. Couple of people advuces me to use intmax_t and %jd - I've rewritten
> the patch, now there is those species instead of long long and %qd. The last
> question was performance, I will show the results of measurements below.

Performance is irrelevant.  Anyone who is doing so much arithmetic in
the shell that performance is an issue should take a long hard look at
dc(1).  The only issues here are 1) correctness 2) portability (long
long / %qd is not portable) and 3) standards compliance.  You can
safely ignore anyone trying to tell you otherwise.

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