aic7892 trouble

David Gilbert dgilbert at
Fri Apr 18 06:44:34 PDT 2003

>>>>> "argo" == argo  <hostmaster at> writes:

argo> Hi folks, I have Adaptec U160 Host-Adapter with 2x Atlas 10k
argo> disks.When i copy large files (~700MB) then performance is
argo> pretty bad.I got only about 35MB/sec between those 2
argo> disks.Theres no difference 4.x or 5 -current.  I made couple of
argo> custom kernels with different options but no luck.  Could that
argo> be related with bad cable issue?

That's about expected thruput for 18G 10k disks.  If you buy 36G 10k
disks, you'll likely get 70-ish meg/s ... +- how good your PCI bus is.


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