tweaking FreeBSD for Squid using

Petri Helenius pete at
Tue Apr 15 21:52:25 PDT 2003

> I don't know. Seems that IDE disks evolve too fast  for  me  nowadays.
> That's also why I was writing that I'm  not  even  sure  that  the  old
> stance "don't use IDE for servers" is still valid.
> OOTH,  I've  had  a lot of trouble  with  busy  IDE-based  (ASUS  P4* m/b)
> FreeBSD servers lately (hard hangs, see bug kern/44867).
Western digital Raptor´s spin at 10000rpm though they only come with 37 gig
at the moment. So good for database applications but not for large scale storage.


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