tweaking FreeBSD for Squid using

Alain Fauconnet alain at
Tue Apr 15 19:10:14 PDT 2003

On Tue, Apr 15, 2003 at 12:40:35PM +0200, Frank Bonnet wrote:
> Hi
> I need infos in order to tweak a FreeBSD box kernel
> to use the Squid cache/proxy software on a dedicated 
> machine.
> The hardware is OK P4 2.2 Ghz with 2.5 Gb RAM
> and a 36 Gb / 15k rpm disk for caching.

To my experience, heavly loaded Squid boxes run into  I/O  bottlenecks
faster than anything else (apart from memory maybe, but you have ample

My  advice  would  be:  get more disks. A single spindle is just not a
good configuration for Squid, even a fast  disk.  You  didn't  mention
whether is it SCSI or IDE. I usually go  for  SCSI  for  anything  I/O
intensive,  although  that's  more  a cultural thing than based on any
hard evidence I've seen.

Don't  do  RAID. Bring up a filesystem on each disk (with soft updates
of  course),  mount  them  "-o  noatime"  and  configure  Squid to use
multiple cache dirs.

Sorry if I'm just telling the obvious here. I'm sure someone will come
up with some finer tuning advice.

Bonne chance,
Alain Fauconnet
IT Security Specialist & CISO -- ITServ
Asian Institute of Technology

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