Semi-polling mode and net.inet.tcp.inflight_enable

RDB rdb at
Thu Apr 10 16:42:16 PDT 2003


I'm curious whether anyone on this list has found real-world circumstances
in which either semi-polling mode or the net.inet.tcp.inflight_enable
setting improved performance, and if so what the circumstances were.

Conversely, has anyone experienced unforseen problems (e.g. stability 
issues) with either of these new features?


Russell Brunelle

P.S. The release notes for 4.8-R indicate that support for HyperThreading
(via the new HTT kernel option) is "rudimentary."  I'm curious: in what
sense is it rudimentary?  Are there stability issues?  What are some of
the plans to improve this feature, if it's a feature issue rather than a
stability issue?

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