Adding extensions causes 'bad transfer url' error

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Fri Oct 17 16:52:07 UTC 2008

Hello, All

Edward Sutton пишет:
>   When attempting to add extensions that I have saved to disk, I always get a 'bad transfer url' error dialog from the extension manager; my last test was done with the sun professional templates pack #2. Are there any workarounds to this?
>   I did a `make solver sdk ure` on my last build of 3.0-RC2; those options are not documented in the ports system clearly, but if I understand right, solver is for solving linear programming in calc files, sdk is for making extensions, and ure is code needed by some extensions. Is that a correct understanding of those extra builds?
> Thanks again for the great ports,
> Ed Sutton

I have the same error, and it was present at few versions of OO - 2.4.0, 
2.4.1, 3.0.0, precompiled from Good-day and from ports. I can't find any 
usable info about this error in the internet.

System - FreeBSD 7-STABLE amd64.

WBR, Cache

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