OpenOffice 2.3, PostgreSQL 8.2, postgresql-odb: not working!

O. Hartmann ohartman at
Wed Dec 5 02:12:40 PST 2007

Hello all.

First, please reply also to my eMailaddress as I'm not member of this 
list. Thank you very much in advance.

I run a bunch of FreeBSD 7.0-BETA4 boxes, all with OpenOffice 2.3, 
PostgreSQL 8.2 and postgresql-odbc (all most recent builds from the ports).

My databases are about to migrate from MySQL to PostgreSQL and if this 
has been done, MySQL is about to be deleted. On MySQL connections from 
OpenOffice of any kind in conjunction wih the mysql-connector-odbc 
(unixODBC based) works well with the MySQL 5.0 server backend.

But with PostgreSQL I have much trouble! When building postgresql-odbc 
with iODBC as standard in the port, connections do fail at the base, 
even with global odbc.ini/odbcinst.ini and ~/.odbc.ini. I rejected iODBC 
and installed postgresql-odbc with unixODBC instead (it is much better 
I try to access a database from OpenOffice choosing ODBC with both MySQL 
and PostgreSQL and proper settings for the data sources in my 
~/.odbc.ini, but with connections to PostgreSQL I receive an empty 
errorlike box (with MySQL, in a similar box is the Error-Message from 
the underlying ODBC driver presented, but this one is without text and 
only OK button present). Connections never succeed.

Even with a proper setup of users in PostgreSQL or with a loose bunch of 
users able to connect from everywhere without passwords it does not work 
and drives my crayzy :-(

Connecting from localhost and remotely host via 'psql' client works 
well, so I suspect the ODBC driver is faulty, somehow.

OpenOffice Howtos, both in English and German, do have a kind of 
tutorial how to connect to Postgres via ODBC and I wonder this works for 
all of us working with FreeBSD/PostgreSQl/OpenOffice.

I also have another PostgreSQL server, running our databases at the 
facility on a CentOS driven server system, PostgreSQL 8.1 and this also 
drops every attempt to connect, even I can connect to this server with 
pgAdmin and psql, either.

So, what is wrong? Am I a kind of blocked, stupid or something? I 
appreciate any help and hint and would present config files if necessary.


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