possible upgrade of bison2

Geraud CONTINSOUZAS geraud at gcu.info
Wed Nov 22 20:38:35 PST 2006

Hello list,

I have been talking to ade about eventually upgrading devel/bison2 to
2.3 (see ports/101718 submitted by stass for details) who told me that
to his recollection, openoffice 2.0 build would break with newer
versions of bison 2.x and that I should check with you.

So here I am.

I've been doing some homework browsing the OOo sites and wikis but
beside a small footnote saying that bison 1.875 wouldn't work and 1.875a
should be used instead, I didn't see anything about 2+.

Unfortunately, I don't have either the horsepower nor a bunch of various
ARCH boxes to test that the build will break in every possible case.
Since openoffice is moving pretty fast (~20 commits since Sept. 1st), I
was still wondering if the limitation raised by ade was still valid or
if it was part of the past?

If the answer is "it used to, but I don't know these days", I'm willing
to test a build or two with my limited GHz available, but I'm afraid I
won't be able to build the whole good-day.net repo before the year ends.
Would someone be interested to help in this task?



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