Where are the 2.0.4 Binaries? (ooopackages.good-day.net)

Heino Tiedemann rotkaps_spam_trap at gmx.de
Thu Nov 16 16:32:49 UTC 2006

"Jack L." <xxjack12xx at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 11/14/06, Heino Tiedemann <rotkaps_spam_trap at gmx.de> wrote:
>> Hi thre,
>> is thre any known date for acalibility of OOo 2.0.4 to on
>> ooopackages.good-day.net (i386)?

> Yes there are. They are sitting on my laptop but my laptop is being
> repaired right now. I'll try to get those uploaded to that site asap.
> ETA about a week. Sorry for the delay.

Oh fine.

They are - hopefully - not compiled against openssh-beta - like
OOo2.0.3 is?


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